Case Studies

Case Study 1
To Design and Manufacture a Multi-cavity 550ml container mould for cream pots.
The brief was to make the pot lighter than those currently available of around 18g IML - and even lighter than thermoformed at around 13.5g.
The new lighter pot also needed to be IML.

The final pot was 12g including label, with a cycle time of 2.8 seconds. This was achieved using our patented AFM Moulding Technology.
This enabled us to manufacture super-thin mouldings without core deflection.

Case Study 2
To Design and Manufacture the lightest possible preform to manufacture a 1.5 litre still mineral water bottle.
Current best practice - 24.5g

Using AFM - 21.0g was achieved. The wall section was 1.4mm, and the blowing length 120mm.
This means we achieved a length over thickness ration of 96:1
Current best practice without AFM, 50:1
Despite the core length, deflection was less than 0.025mm.

Case Study 3
To Design and Manufacture a unique shaped pot in PET, - The Cauldron
The brief was to make a 1.1 litre PET container in a radical shape currently unavailable.
No process currently exists to make such an extreme shape, so not only was it necessary to design the container, but it was also necessary to come up with  a method of manufacturing it!
We designed the container and made a model. From there we went on to design and built a prototype 2 stage machine to manufacture it. We called this process EcoForm.
The machine is a hybrid, combining Stretch Blow Moulding and thermoforming technologies.
The Cauldron starts life as a flat injection moulded preform, which is loaded into the machine and then blown into the final shape.
This method creates extremely high biaxial orientation of the material, which gives the container unparalleled impact strength and a high top-load, something unachievable using any other process.
Because of this, EcoForm is ideal for manufacturing high clarity PET containers for frozen foods such as ice cream, and has been rigorously tested at -35 degrees C.
The EcoForm system also works with other thermoplastics such as PP for applications such as microwave oven dishes.

Three cauldrons containing a mixture of sweet and savoury snacks
Cauldrons used for sweet and savoury nibbles
A Cauldron pot showing a layered prawn salad
The Cauldron is ideal for layered salads